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Can he do it?

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  • Can he do it?

    Any chance Bargnani keeps up the consistent play all year and finishes around the 24.0 ppg/.500fg%? I think if he can do that, even with only 5.0 rpg, people would sit up and realize he's legit.

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    I hope so man. I really hope so. Only way we can keep on winning is if Bargs keeps up his level of play, and everyone else chips in.


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      I don't think he'll reach .500 FG%, that's tough for any jump shooter. Somewhere around .470-.480 would be a more reasonable goal. Even then, 24 and 5 would make him an all-star lock IMO.


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        Would you rather bargnani shoot 50 % or get 8 boards and shoot 40%?

        either way he is emerging...

        give it time, people will realize he is for real...

        first quarter of the game tonight and he attacked the basket 4 straight possesions, i think his fgp will go up, maybe not 500 but close.


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          First, thanks all for not pointing out I wrote .500% ... hahah Felt a little dumb when I reread that.
          And as per whether or not I'd rather 8 and 40%...

          Can we compromise with a 45% and 6.8rpg? I think that's all perfectly reachable for him, and if at 45% and 24ppg with a 6.8rpg... I'll have to agree with jrdyck and say thats an All-Star in my books.

          I think he CAN get 8rpg but like Nowitzki, I think that's a part of his game that will come with some added toughness and experience. **I think right now, Bargs is having about 8rpg stolen from him by Reggie **


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            Hahaha, as if Bargnani went for 24/5/50% tonight... weird.


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              LOL That's scary. Identical numbers to what he had against Philly.