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DeRozen Weems Kleiza will continue to decline

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    im not promoting Bargs (ez bargnani haters, hehe) coz even i right now is 50/50 on him, but i dont think its a question of mismatches when it comes to bargs, but rather if he's on his game or not. Bargs is a mismatch nightmare however way you put it. Right now he seems to be getting comfortable with his post up game. You put a small guy on him, he'll post him up. put a big guy, he'll drift to 3 point line. you crowd him on the arc or the perimeter, he'll put the ball down and drive on you. its just a matter of him being lazy and not wanting to do anything. and bargs is a very underrated passer, but if he gets doubled, he can spot the open man/cutters pretty well.

    its fairly obvious that bargs is still the #1 option on offense. i mean if youre still saying that he's not, either youre not watching the games, or youre just in denial. i think the main difference between him and bosh is you know if he gets double teamed on the perimeter, he will pass. thats why youll still see jose, demar, weems floating on the strong side even when bargs has the ball, incase he gets stuck. unlike with bosh before, once he gets the ball, its most likely an auto iso. they just stand back and wait for him to do what he has to. thats why almost half his rebound totals are offensive, because he's the only one who's able to get the ball when he misses.
    I am not saying that he is not the number one option but their are many good defensive teams in the NBA that will take away the first option in the set.