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    nubreed000 wrote: View Post
    I think Bayless needs to start only because he's better suited to defend other PG's in the league, meanwhile Jose off the bench would give us a major upper hand against opposing second units.

    Hell no! Other than scoring what else is Bargs doing? Maybe if he was scoring 35 or 40+ the last few games...
    Bargnani's role on the team is to score. He's a scorer, at least he's doing that consistently now. His man to man defense is improving from season to season, and I doubt he will ever be a good weak side defender. I think he lacks the instincts. You expect certain things from certain players, and if everyone plays their role then the team as a whole benefits. If he provides points, and also creates shots for others simply by being a threat on the floor (the pass that leads to the pass, or spreading the floor) I think we should be happy with that. Don't get me wrong, defense should be the number one priority, and nobody is ever going to tell Bargnani "its okay not to play defense". I'm looking at this from a perspective such as, it didnt' matter how well Kapono played D (ficticious yes), he was out there to sink 3's, and it wouldn't matter if he was doing other things if his shot wasn't falling.

    I'm just thinking that he's made major strides and he deserves some sort of recognition to know that the fans have his back and notice his hard work paying off. Hopefully he gets an all-star nod which would do wonders for his confidence and career.

    Regarding Bayless ... I'm oldschool where the veteran (Calderon) should start, and Bayless should come off the bench. Putting Bayless as a starter would only take away from Jose's game. In their current roles, Joes is playing well, and Bayless will likely do the same.