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Different Stages of player development

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  • Different Stages of player development

    Looking at this team right now how would you characterize the players. In terms of how much further they can develop. This is an exercise in seeing if the Raptors current core can improve dramatically.

    Category 1. What you see is what you get, there won't be anymore dramatic improvement.
    Category 2. A couple tools short of being complete.
    Category 3. Underperforming playing below their statistical norm.
    Category 4. Raw
    Category 5. Unknown.
    Category 6. Downside.

    For the Starters:Calderon 1. Derozan 4. Weems 1 (don't think he'll be much better). Evans 1. Bargnani 1.

    Conclusion, an incredibly mediocre starting group, since only Derozan has room for dramatic improvement.

    2nd Group. Bayless 4. Barbosa 3 (Injuries) Kleiza 3 (still below his statistical norm). Johnson 2 (Will improve his offensive game over time). Alabi 5.

    Conclusion. A mix mash of players, with some underperforming others with room for improvement. One of the best 2nd groups in the league.

    3rd Group. Wright 4. (Dude needs more playing time like Derozan). Dorsey 5 (not enough playing time. Davis 5. Peja 6.

    Conclusion: Your typical all potential end of the bench mix of players.

    If this team will be succesful Derozan needs to improve considerably and the 2nd group will have to carry this team.

    Hopefully Davis can replace Evans and Kleiza can replace Weems and this team might be an okay Eastern Conference team.

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