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Raptors vs f 'n C*ltics & the mother f 'n refs

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  • Raptors vs f 'n C*ltics & the mother f 'n refs

    Is it just me or did nyeone else watching the game feel like the refs gave the C*eltics the W. There was so many missed calls for the raptors and then the ball would go the other way and the C*ltics would get a fould for an And 1, which called for absoloutley nothing. How about when demar went up to the basket and was literally pulled down by ray allen. Some people would say its a hard foul but correct me if im wrong, doesnt the defender have to at least try to go for the ball and not just pull his man to the floor... that should have been a flagerent foul considering it was on a break away. Also how the hell did shaq draw an offensive fou on Bargsl... he was clearly not set and the the refs made yet another brutal call. Numerous times even Jack armstrong commented on this subject and was making the same points im bringing up. In the words of Amir Johnson, the raptors "absoloutley" got screwed over by the officials tonight. I dont mind a loss but not if its because of the officials. Plus what the hell happend to the technicals called at the begining of the year. The celtics literally cryed about every call tha didint go their way.

    If i was triano i would take whatever fine or punishment is given and straight up come out in an interview after the game and made it clear the refs gave the C*ltics this win
    Brutal - raps got screwed
    Respectable - both teams were officiated evenly
    Not sure - didint even pay attention to the Refs

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    I agree there were questionable calls - there are in any game. The Raptors did not help themselves with weak fouls that lead to a few and-1's (albeit some of those fouls must have been committed by phantoms) and they did not help themselves by not putting a few C's on their @ss. Calderon watching Ray Allen do a lay up is the one that burns the most - especially after the very hard foul he gave DD. The offensive foul on Bargnani with Shaq was BS as well - he was in the restricted area and still moving.


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      Beat Goes ON

      The controversy over refereeing that was raised when Tim D. (the one who was betting on games) was swept under the carpet by the league. The Celtics did not get one sided calls in Toronto and it changed them completely. You know that they will get them in Boston. Garnett has been a 10 foul a game defender his whole carreer. That is why he is the best - he gets to foul.
      This is the thing I dislike most about the NBA.
      Next Game.


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        C'est la vie guys. Questionable officiating is nothing new and won't change anytime soon. Like it or not, when your a good team like the Celtics are, you're going to get a lot of calls your way regardless. Hopefully we can only be so lucky in a few years.


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          The Raptors didn't get the short end of the officiating last night anywhere near as bad as the Bruins got it this week in the Garden vs the Wildcats.

          Having said that Doc is correct that good teams, especially when they are playing more aggressively in front of a home crowd will tend to the long end of the calls.

          That is how it has worked and will continue to work.

          The Raptors have played the Celtics twice fairly competitively as compared to when Bosh was playing for the Raptors.

          No quit in this group.
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            The officiating was bad, but it's how it works now. Contenders are allowed to be aggressive because it's how they are... I'm still happy with how we came back in the 4th, it wasn't a loss for me, but a show of courage and heart. Keep it up Raptors.


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              To me the NBA just seems so rigged on games like this. The raptors start to make a push to make it a 7 point game and the refs make a "questionable call" to make sure the raps are stopped. Calling bad or fake calls are huge turing points in a game and easily swing momentum. I dont need to see more fouls called but dont call a foul that isnt their. If i watch a replay and see no foul committed that is a joke.


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                I have a hard time complaining about the referees and saying that they gave Boston the game when our defense was so bad. I bet you they made 14-20 points off of alley-oops. Then throw the first 5 minutes of the game in when DeMar went to help and left Ray Allen wide open, just dumb. I'm surprised how close it was with how crappy the defense was last night. I love watching the raptors play and cheering them on. I just can't blame the ref's for the poor defensive performance last night.

                I need to vent about DeMar and Sonny too and I don't feel like doing it on another forum. I can't tell if it is lack of effort on the offensive end but they have been dead lately. I watched the Celtics defense last night and there were absolutely no lanes for these guys to take advantage of. The celtics play good team defense. maybe they should work on half-court sets in practice and swing the stinking ball so that those driving lanes can open up. If we are goin to win and this youth era is going to work, then these guys need to be scoring 10+ points a game at least.

                Lastly i would like to add that the organization should make Peja teach these kids how to shoot. I know He's not a coach but who knows how long he will be on this team. One of the best three-point shooters should be able tomentor these kids mechanics so that they can become all-around threats. If they trade him and this advantage isn't exploited, then it's a wasted opportunity.


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                  I voted that the refs were brutal and they were. The shaq non-charge was a brutal call; however, refs NEVER (or almost never) decide the outcome of the game. albertan_10 is right about demar and sonny and our defence. In the grand scheme of things officiating pans out, and if there is some statistical skew towards certain teams you can't control it. You can control your effort and your preparation and your execution. Our starters were outscored 81-38!!! Of Garnett's 10 baskets, four were alley-oop dunks, and the refs have nothing to do with those. Blaming the refs is like blaming the weather for being late for work.
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                    For the most part I'm so use to the refs being terrible, I don't care if they make good or bad calls, as long as it's consistent (which it's mostly not).