I didn't catch the game last night because I live overseas and have for several years. One thing I have been hearing, from this past game against the Celts and the previous one, is Bargnani's cool in the face of KG's pressure.

Now part of this is simple basketball related. Bargs just has confidence in his game these days.

But I think language might play a part. Having lived in Germany for 2 years I speak German about as well as Bargs speaks English (more or less). I can understand people on the street. But if I am annoyed I can block out the German language much easier than English. Its a great advantage in crowds and at bars.

Perhaps Bargs can do the same a bit with KG and the ceaseless stream of garbage spewing from his maw. It also might be why freaks out on Euro guys... because they can ignore him to the point that he pushes things too far.

Not a particularly relevant topic... but its Saturday. Any people here have a similar experience?