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Davis Might Just Start at PF?

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  • Davis Might Just Start at PF?

    Total speculation on behalf of Doug Smith this morning, but it would make sense. What do you guys think? Too much pressure too soon on the young lad Davis to start? Or from a overall lack of disruption point of view, does it make sense when looking at both units?

    As far back as Friday, when they knew Reggie was going to be gone for a while (and we don’t know how long but it’ll be a bit), the word was Amir Johnson would start.

    But then it was the 280-pound Joey Dorsey out there on Sunday and there were two good reasons, I guess.

    First, it meant less disruption to regular roles (and that’s been something Jay’s done for while) and it may have worked very well had Amir not come in and committed two fouls in his first four minutes. Had he started and done that – which is entirely possible – it would have messed things up even more.

    But I wonder if this isn’t in the plans, and I have had no indication that it is but it kind of makes sense to me.

    What if they give six minutes at the start of the game and six more at the start of the second half to Ed Davis now?

    The kid is coming back from the minors this week, all indications are, and since things have changed so dramatically with Evans out, could they throw the kid out there and see how he does? It leaves Amir in his regular role, gets the kid some minutes that are available and would allow them to use Dorsey again as a fourth big.

    Again, it’s all because of the circumstances they find themselves in but might it be worth a shot?

    I think so.
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    I don't see why he wouldn't start. Triano doesn't want to start Amir and Davis is better then Dorsey much younger. Might as well get him time in a garbage season.


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      I don't know, is Davis 100%, I don't want him aggravating his injury... But it would make sense for him to start, he's our best PF.


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        Not only that, but they should also bring Alabi back and play him behind Bargs.
        Enough of that "small ball" BS. Kleiza at 4, Pedja at 4, total nonsense...


        • #5
          They must feel that Alabi is not ready or he'd be here. It's probably best to see him get lots of minutes in D-league than riding the pin for the Raptors.


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            Both Erie Bayhawk games were up online this weekend. Davis looked like a talent but could use a few more games down there to get his wind. Particularly his second game he destroyed the Madants his first run but was less visible in the second half. Alabi needs to stay down there. He travels with the ball, footwork needs work but definitely is a presence. We need to take our times with these players. The Bayhawks look like a well coached team, I'm comfortable with keeping are guys there until they are ready. That said, seeing Davis start when he is ready, will not be a surprise.


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              I would rather be patient with his conditioning...especially after an injury. Playing one's first few games in the NBA is a big deal especially for a first rounder...he might be too amped and I dont want him to either get overmatched (bad for the confidence) or reinjure by over extending himself. I would start with him coming in against second units, get his confidence and pace up and go from there. Whats the rush anyway? Are we missing the playoffs?
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                Yeah, no way Alibi should be here. He's a good shot-blocker and actually has a decent jumper, but his rebounding is pretty weak; most of the rebounds he's getting now come from his superior length, but opposing players were often able to push him right under the basket where he was pretty ineffective. If he's getting out-muscled at the d-league level, he'll get destroyed at the NBA level where his height won't be as much an advantage.
                Davis, on the other hand, I'd bring up right now. With Erie not playing again until Friday, what's the point of leaving him down to practice with them for a week? Get him up here, give him 10-12 minutes on Wednesday night, and go from there. It doesn't really matter where he gets his minutes the first couple games, but I'd be surprised if he's not the starting PF within a month. Once he adds a little more muscle to his frame, his skillset will really be the perfect fit beside Bargnani. Probably a more natural fit than anyone else on the Raptors roster.


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                  just read that Davis has been recalled from the D-league & is expected to be at practice on tuesday & on the active roster for wednesday's game against washington.



                  • #10
                    I'm excited for the guy and I hope people don't throw him under the bus when he doesn't take the league by storm from day one.


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                      Apollo wrote: View Post
                      I'm excited for the guy and I hope people don't throw him under the bus when he doesn't take the league by storm from day one.
                      I'd hate to crush your hopes but..... for what it is worth, I'm with you.


                      • #12
                        Apollo wrote: View Post
                        I'm excited for the guy and I hope people don't throw him under the bus when he doesn't take the league by storm from day one.
                        Right on, no need to have him play more than 12-15 minutes like the way we abused Derozan last year.


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                          I say give him a start if he is 100% healthy, let him take some fouls and block a shot or two.
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                            Apollo wrote: View Post
                            I'm excited for the guy and I hope people don't throw him under the bus when he doesn't take the league by storm from day one.
                            Apollo, give it a week and there will be "trade Davis" threads.

                            I hope he does really well, but I'm confident he will. He could actually become our star, any successful player who won a championship with the Tar Heels has a chance of becoming great.


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                              Why not start Kleiza at the 4 for the time being? I'd rather see him in there than Joey Dorsey.

                              I don't know if starting Davis is the right thing. He should come off of the bench with Amir. Then again, what do we have to lose? Aw shit, might as well start the guy then.