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Davis Might Just Start at PF?

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    I watched some of those games last weekend and Davis looks tentative on his knee (which is fair since he did injure it). He will need time to catch his wind for sure. his hedging was bad, he seems to be out of shape but his overall effort was good. He fought for some good rebounds and blocked a few shots.

    That league sucks. Alabi is only play 15-18 minutes a game. It's a joke.


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      Why not start him? We started Demar. should give Big Ed the same shot.


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        I understand why Jay likes Amir coming off the bench, but maybe it could give us a nice boost just like moving Sonny to the Starting LineUp did.
        And Ed is more polished offensively, so it would make sense to have him out there with the second unit. Let him get used to the speed. After all the Washington Bench isn't much deeper than the MadAnts...


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          JoePanini wrote: View Post
          Apollo, give it a week and there will be "trade Davis" threads.

          I hope he does really well, but I'm confident he will. He could actually become our star, any successful player who won a championship with the Tar Heels has a chance of becoming great.
          That's funny, Joe! I'm pretty sure that there will be threads soon saying to trade Davis or to fire BC for drafting him.

          To be honest, except for the one summer league game and one college game I have never really seen Davis play. Judging by Buddha's man-crush, Davis has some chops. I'm looking forward to seeing him play. I'll have pretty low expectations for him until the New Year, when he has had some time to condition, get used to the NBA level of play, and get some playing time and familiarity with his teammates.
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