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Trade Peja=1st Round picks?

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    Dr Hannibal Lecter wrote: View Post
    Hey maybe we can trade peja to boston bruins and get back those picks that brian burke traded for kessel...
    Common guy...were not trading peja unless we get stud player for him,cap money is more important then 1st round picks,look what happend in maimi,anyway I see peja getting bought out and next year using that money 2 get marc gasol or kendrick perkins,I don't care who as long as he can help Bargnani move 2 the 4 spot.
    This team needs big man in the middle.
    Bargnani is not a 4. He is a 5.


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      I'm not sure if peja goes anywhere. I think he'll stay here and just wait for his contract to expire. The new CBA and potential lockout gives BC a lot to work with financially. He will not take on another contract that will handcuff this team for years to come.