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    Do you guys think that a lot of the players on the Raptors & the coach for that matter, are like Jekyll & Hyde? I mean, one game they can compete against the best of them in the league and just when you think they've turned a corner, they run right into a wall. Wish we could bottle the third quarter from the Thunder's game and serve it to them before every game. What are your thoughts on the consistency of the players and coaches from game to game?

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    You and everyone else should get use to it. The Raps are a young team that are going to frustrate fans all year. As long as the effort and consistency is there, I can personally handle it. Against the NYK the effort was there, they just played dumb everytime it got close.


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      I agree with Matt alongwith the fact that there are many new faces (eg. Bayless just joined) and the coaching staff (some new too) still trying to find consistency with certain lineups. You will also notice that consistent teams have set and tight rotations. Not the case with the Raps. We play far too many but this is fine with me because my expectations for this season iis that they all play hard and it is an evaluating year for many on the team. The only way to find out is to play as many as we can.


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        Perfect case of the guys being young and immature is the Weems supposed alley-oop. He should have went down with it but instead tossed up a bad shot. Another was Bayless forcing it on 3 Knick defenders and ended up getting stripped. Things like these that these young players do that shows their immaturity at times.

        As they get older and more experienced they will start making better decisions more often than the bad ones. But in the meantime don't be surprised if you see these dumb plays once in a while. It's on the coaches and the players themselves to correct these things.

        As for beating good teams, "and then losing to the Knicks or Hawks..." Those are two good teams right there. New York has won 7 (is it?) straight on the road and are on fire. They're a much much better team than the Knicks of late. The Hawks have always given the Raptors problems. It's only really a few stinkers that I can really say was the Hyde to the many Jekylls so far. And generally, this season has been fun to watch because of the effort that the guys put in almost every night.


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          2010-2011 raptors are the 2009-2010 Charlotte bobcats.

          Great effort at home, nearly unbeatable half the time, shit everywhere else
          What if... Blazers had drafted both Drexler, Jordan?

          From 1992 Beginner's Guide to the NBA Finals, The Oregonian's special section. Published 6/3/1992.

          Michael Jordan was the #3 pick in the 1984 draft, after Portland selected Sam Bowie second.