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Why was Jarrett Jack Really Traded?

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    RaptorDan wrote: View Post
    I was at that birthday party too. Everyone dressed in pirate costumes. It was really cool.
    ahahahahhahahaha pirates! genius.


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      Arsenalist wrote: View Post
      So why didn't he trade him after he got rid of Bosh? He actually tried to trade Calderon away and make Jack the starting point guard, so I call this quote total bullshit on the part of Colangelo.
      That answer is simple, Calderon is still making 9 mil a year. He was prepared to swallow Jack's suckiness for financial flexibility. Have him and Banks as a backup would've sufficed for this year's group. Let's think in hindsight, let's say that the Charlotte trade did go down, we would probably have 11-12 wins by now and a much better defensive effort night in and out with Chandler roaming the middle. Diaw is not doing bad over at the 4 either!!!


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        The birthday party conspiracy theory doesnt really wash with me. Trades in the NBA dont just happen on a whim...because a gm got pissed at a player one morning and picked up a phone on speed dial and arranged a trade to ship the offending party out. Well it could I suppose if there was a bad contract coming back. This clearly wasnt the case. The Bobcat deal was a heist at the time plain and simple with Chandler and Diaw coming back for Jose & Evans. He had to do that deal. With all the bad ink BC keeps getting on this site, it must be said he has an innate ability to undo past moves relatively quickly. I can see Kleiza getting moved fairly soon.