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DeMar DeRozan Reality (& maybe a little Weems)

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  • DeMar DeRozan Reality (& maybe a little Weems)

    This is a video that came out right after the 2009 draft with Kenny Smith giving his take on Toronto's pick. Things to note: 1) one and done. Not much college experience. 2) Only the 3rd leading scorer on his college team (looking at the average. He led games towards the end of the season). 3)Drafted because of potential

    I read on one of the threads here on RR in the last couple days about Amir and his upside. One of his former summer league coaches talked about how high he could ahve been drafted had he gone to college. He's starting to evolve into what people thought he cuold be and, despite what some of the amateur critics on here think, no one actually knows how far these guys can go.

    Now if we can make a comparison with DeMar and Amir. DeMar has a lot of upside and his inconsistencies come because he is very young and does not have a lot of experience. yeah yeah I know some of you are saying "he started over 80 games and shoul dhave it all figured out blah blah blah." Why don't we throw you into 80 NBA games and see how you do after 80 games. You're athletic, you've probably never reached your full potential. Why not? If it is supposed to have worked for DeMar then why not for you?

    Forgive my sarcasm but I think despite some of the remarks I will receive I have proven a point. He needs time to develop. The problem with this team is not the inconsistent scoring from these wings (i'll throw Weems into the scenario too because he and DeMar probably aren't too far apart) it's that they are playing selfish basketball and need to run their sets. If the set is an isolation play for DeMar, great. He needs the opportunity. Coach him on how to attack his man and go to the hoop. Teach him how to catch the ball down low and post up his man. Or do a screen and roll, have bargnani set the screen and teach DeRozan how to cut hard and know when to pass the ball into the big man. (by the way, teach the big man to roll). Do it in practice and then give him the chance in the game. Pass the ball, swing it from side to side in order to open driving lanes. Drive the lane and pass it out, get defenders to switch and have them run it in games.

    The problem is this happens with irregularity in the games. Most of the time you'll get these young gunz trying to figure out how to do it on their own which causes turnovers. We can argue that Sonny wants a good contract next year and he is worried about that. Sure, why not. But don't leave him in the cold, run some plays for him so he can get the touches he needs in the right places, rather than forcing the shot.

    Now it may sound like I am ragging on the coaches but it's hard to say just how much they're at fault. This is a young team who are prone to errors. Get caught in the moment and make dumb mistakes. Past habits come out and they shoot early in the shot clock or in a bad position. How do you break 10-15 year habits? Consistency.

    Overall the development of these guys is going to take consistent work from them and from coaches. They probably won't catapult into a Kobe Bryant by next season like we'd prefer but they'll get better. They have good work ethic and they have good coaching. They just need time to mature and develop.

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    I agree. Demar and Sonny get sucked into the iso ball trap, and ignore their teammates. This leads to tonnes of turnovers, blocked shots, and terrible plays.


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      We need a phil jackson
      We all make mistakes... Tanking is not the answer.. This squad can ball! Let it roll!!


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        Multipaul wrote: View Post
        I agree. Demar and Sonny get sucked into the iso ball trap, and ignore their teammates. This leads to tonnes of turnovers, blocked shots, and terrible plays.
        I agree with Sonny. Demar, not so much. He's still efficient. Passes when needs to. Occasional mistake but I'll live.
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