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Is Stephen Jackson a Viable Option?

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  • Is Stephen Jackson a Viable Option?

    Considering he wants out of Golden State, not to mention some of his peers their do as well, would you consider acquiring a headcase like Jackson?

    As much as there will always be potential consequences in adding him to any team, the positives sometimes outweigh those consequences. He would definitely help at the SG spot with his defense and might be the type of player we need with respect to his intensity. Or are we panicking still and should just be patience with DeMar, Belinelli and Wright?


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    The Raptors are too far away from being a contender to make it worthwhile for them taking on a player of Jax's age + contract. Also, the cost of acquiring him (trade). Too large of a commitment.

    The Raptors need to open up ways to acquire top tier talent instead of closing them off. Which is what Jax's contract would do.