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    I don't know why the coaching staff hasn't been held accountable for this. It's very frustrating to watch the raptors get beat on the same play time and time again!!

    I was very disappointed with Jerryd Bayless, a player whom I have the utmost hope for becoming our future point guard (please don't disappoint me).

    One of Sonny or Demar needs to go and we need someone who is a legit shooter who can make a wide open shot! Trade for O.J. mayo, he can handle the ball, and is a much better shooter than both weems and derozan. We can give them Calderon in the deal or Julian Wright!


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      DoNDaDDa wrote: View Post
      im not sure what your point was by adding that link but if u were to watch the game against the knicks u would have seen that bargs wasnt realy defending amare until the 4th Q at wich point amare went off.... he had a monster 4th & only a blind man wouldnt have seen who was guarding him.... i bet the guy who wrote that article only caught the highlights on TSN
      Ok read it again you must have pretty bad at don't get it right?