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Should the Raptors Take a Bite at Anthony Randolph?

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    Nine New Faces wrote: View Post
    Actually I support making the trade because the Raps have no shot at a top 5 pick. If they did then I wouldn't make the deal. My take is that they're going to be looking at a pick in the 8-13 range, where the lottery turns into a crapshoot.

    The top 5 is almost guaranteed to hold the Wiz, the Clips, the Kings, the Wolves and the Nets. After that, I easily see the Cavs, Pistons, Warriors, Cats, and 76ers to be right around the Raps' record, and likely ahead of them in the lottery. If the lottery started today, they'd be picking 9th, which is right around what I'd expect.
    Disagree. The Raps have played better than they are b/c they've knocked off a bunch of teams that did not have their best players.


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      I'm not sure how much I like the whole 'helping the Knicks' thing, but Randolph is a VERY versatile player. Dude played point guard in high school and a bit for Nellie. Still crazy young. I think we were a little foolish to pass on Beasley and IF Randolph is a available, we need to take him. He needs a system where he can play through his mistakes, and neither coach has been known for allowing players to do that. Jay has shown a propensity for allowing players to make mistakes in hopes that the reward out weighs the sacrifice. Ideal for AR. He'd be solid at the SF for us.


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        Annnd ONLY if its for Miami's pick.