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Raps need a defensive big !

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    Buddahfan's post is pretty-much bang on. The best shot blocker (from a purely stats perspective) we've had on the team in recent memory was Jamario Moon, and pretty soon other teams figured out how to exploit him because he was so eager to leave his feet. His defensive impact on a game was negligible. That said, in the Raptors' case I think the poor stats aren't a reflection of a lack of good shot-blockers, but rather a reflection of poor help defense; Charlotte (and a lot of other good blocking teams) get a lot of blocks by help defenders. When Toronto defenders are actually aware of a help situation, the result is more likely a foul than an altered shot or block, usually because they're getting there late and out of control.

    However, I'm not convinced that there's any big that we could realistically acquire long-term who would have a better defensive impact than Davis. I'd hate to bring in a guy like Dalembert for the rest of the season and see Davis lose minutes as a result. Thabeet is useless offensively, and his rebounding isn't great either. A shot-blocking specialist makes even less sense for this team than a rebounding specialist. Thompson is a good player with a lot of potential, but I don't see any realistic scenario where Sacramento trades him: they'll keep him for the long term, as he fits well with their other young players.


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      I'll expand on my point. Bargnani can play defense, its just a mental game. The dude is so worried about early fouls that in the first half he allows the opposition to post-up on him uncontested (Brown, Mohammed and Wallace).

      When it comes to the fourth quarter with the game fairly close that's when Bargs, decides to go after the defensive rebounds and getting in his mans face. He did a good job of this against Detroit in the 4th. Both Davis and Alabi are defensive bigs who need to be given a chance.

      I really hope that Alabi can start subbing for Bargnani when the opposition runs out a 7-foot center. Otherwise, we have to depend on Davis and Johnson to provide our interior defense. They are both a work in progess, but with great upside.

      The Raptors really don't need to acquire anyone. Any moves for new players should happen by the draft.


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        I tend to agree with Buddah's thoughts on blocks. Actually blocks are great but intimidation/altering a shot is just as important. I think this is something Davis is going to bring, Johnson gets blocks on guards from the weakside, Bargnani can block a shot a game, and get a defensive SF and a couple of more blocks there. The key to the Raptors interior defense going forward, IMO, is Davis. That guy is exactly what the Raps need - no pressure though!


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          I actually +1 the notion of needing a centre going forward. I think Colangelo thought he was going to score Dampier until the spot on the Heat opened up. ANy acquisition though would stunt the growth of our young players. Let them get bet up this year, including Bargnani, and Look to acquire a legitimate centre in the next couple seasons. This young project needs to get us into the playoff within the next 2-3 years. That includes adding a centre and playing bargs at PF. There will be no need for Amir after Ed develops, and I'd like Bargs to be the starting PF. He's simply just not a C.Hibbert would be nice, or someone to that regard would be perfect moving forward.


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            Ummm....didn't we sign Amir for this? What about Big Ed- kid has promise, and looks funny too. Like, an angry babyface, like he just pooed his diaper and he's really mad about it.


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