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Barbosa starter?

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  • Barbosa starter?

    It's now been a few games that barbosa has had 20+ point games, what if he started and played more mins how much points would he put up? After watching him since the beginning of the season he reminds me a lot of rip Hamilton.

    Just a thought

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    Keep him on the bench. Our problem is not scoring. It never has been.
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      If Jose is out I think he should be the starter. I don't have faith in Bayless starting at point.


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        Does he start at the 2 or 1?


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          he may as well start next to Bayless until JC is back...move DD to the 3 & bench weems... then GET A REAL CENTER..


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            Highly disagree. The whole point of having Barbosa on the bench is that he's the only other player that can score at will on this team (maybe Bayless as well now). With the starting lineup we have, it works to try to get Bargs involved right away while still letting guys like Derozan and Weems the opportunity to learn and (hopefully) get better. Moving Barbosa to the starting lineup would mean that we have a bunch of non-scorers coming off the bench, which would mean that as soon as our starters sat down, we'd be dead on offense, and possibly on defense as well since Barbosa is pretty good at that. Leave him as the sixth man.