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    Its time to just come to grips with the fact that bargs is never going to be a great defensive player. from what ive seen, i like when he's paired inside with ed davis. davis is a great inside defender who changes a lot of shots and loves to clean the glass. as davis gets more comfortable and can do more offensively i think the frontcourt could be pretty good.


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      he won't lead this team to the promised land, but how many games wouldthey have won this year without him? 2? Maybe 3?


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        Straight up, how many here have watched Bargs take a shot and think there's no way that's going in...and it does. Or after seeing a few of our 'ballhandlers' turn it over we see Bargs dribble it in to the paint and throw it down. This guy is special period. I've been watching this game for twenty years and this guy can still surprise me. For me, that says something.

        Enjoy what he does better than almost any other big man in the game period...and lets hope he gets nastier on the other end.

        And to fans like Thomas1 seriously brother you sound like a b*tch when you talk like that. It's really hard to actually hear the tone of somebody whining when they type, but you did it. Congratulations.