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Does Anyone Know Why We Traded Delfino?

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    Hotshot wrote: View Post
    Depending how high is the pick.

    One of the picks ended up being Jonas Jerebko.
    That's exactly what I dislike about the argument. People cherry pick one success story and ignore the weight of history that shows you have a much slighter chance of picking up quality in the 2nd round. There is no evidence to suggest that BC would have drafted JJ had he kept the pick. He got a proven commodity in Delf.

    Sometimes people get so wet for new blood they forget that vets win games.
    LET'S GO RAP-TORS!!!!!


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      In one Word: "Ball"

      After acquiring UFA in Turkoglu, there was no need perceived need for the Raps or for Delfino to consider a reunion--especially with DeRozan being drafted @ #9 to fill the other wing as a starter... Minutes, minutes, minutes.


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        Legalize-It wrote: View Post
        can anyone shed some light, on why delfino didn't come back ?

        was it a minutes issue, or personal or something else ?

        just wondering if anyone knows...

        I know why I would have traded him. When he played for the Raptors he was far too inconsistent. One good game could be followed by three horrible games. He might then go on a five game hot streak only to follow it up with eight sub par games. Even in games, he could hit the bench and come back a totally different looking player. Basically, he was totally undependable. They got a great deal for him. Poor guy is still reeling from a concussion right now.