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The myopia of Toronto Raptor fans- Starting 5 grades compared to the NBA/ Projection

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  • Legalize-It wrote: View Post
    this has nothing to do with the raps so i'll make this quick...

    you dont have to smoke weed to benefit from it being legalized.

    if it was legalized, we could eliminate a major source of income for drug dealers and gangs, which would reduce their ability to engage in other criminal acts.

    you would have less innocent civilians being killed because of drug wars.

    less of our brothers and sisters would be put in jail just for getting high..

    terminally ill people with very painful symptoms would have an option if they wanted to smoke a spliff instead of buying prescription medication which usually have severe side effects...

    and finally, just like liquor and tobacco which is a huge source of income for the government, we could tax it, and use that money to build more community centres, schools, basketball courts, parks, and other places where people of all ages could go to further their skills and talents and have fun...

    if you think that by criminalizing it, you are preventing people from smoking, then look around cuz it's really easy to get anyway...

    just a thought, i could be wrong...
    And don't try to subtly place me on the other side of this argument. Again you have simply written everything that every body knows about the Marijuana trade. I'm an enormous advocate for the legalization of marijuana.

    You're the first person I've met who is openly and adamantly political about this plant without having smoked it. And you're doing it on a Basketball website where it would have a certain amount of cache. I smell POSER but I'll let you off on one condition. Next time we have a difference of opinion please don't read to me from your cue card of facts that everybody knows. It makes you look young and if you're unaware of the level of popular knowledge out there.