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Road Trip: Play Kleiza at PF ?

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  • Road Trip: Play Kleiza at PF ?

    only saw parts of the game, but the offense looked really bad against Memphis....

    Maybe for the next few games wo Bargs, Raps should try more Kleiza at PF

    That will let them get more offense out on the floor at the same time

    problem is that without some downlow threat, the offense just becomes chucking. And Kleiza is suited for posting up 3's not 4's. So even if you play him at 4 he might need to draw out his guy, and then again you have everyone just standing around the perimeter.

    ... so yeah I dont know what the solution is, but I see some really ugly offensive games coming up

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    Who will start at the three? Weems is out... Maybe Wright?

    Don't think it would be a good idea.