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17, 12, 3 & 3 in 28 minutes = Ed Davis

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    Gusser wrote: View Post
    1. He was out of position several posessions in a row. It's just a fact.
    2. As a coach, I don't look at the outcome, I look at the process. I don't care if the outcome was good, I want good fundamentals.
    3. I don't complain, I explain.
    4. I can't explain while he is on the floor.

    I am not an NBA coach obviously, so I wouldn't know how to deal w/ veterans who are out of position (Bargnani). However, when a rook does it over and over, I would guess that you sit him and let the ass't explain the process to him, then let him go back.
    Yeah, well, anyway -- some of the least compelling arguments are built without evidence ("it's just a fact") and demands that they are taken as truths ("it's just a fact"). As a coach, you should learn a little bit about explaining things.

    He's got a reasonably high defensive IQ (touted by most draft boards, his previous coach, and even the announcers get it right -- one of whom being the shitty Canadian National Team coach) and he did a fantastic job recovering for others on help defense, and was left out to dry when teammates didn't rotate to help out with his assignment, which is something that you would generally expect from Bargnani, but is also something Kleiza struggles with.

    I was watching the rotations pretty closely too, and I saw great help defense and active hands, and minor blips of lapses in awareness, so, unless you can provide us with some factual evidence that you have deconstructed every single one of their defensive sets and are able to spot multiple missed rotations by a player commonly referred to as a strong defensive player, then I call bullshit. When DeRozan suffers from a case of the brainfarts, he gets a quick hook (albeit, not always quick enough), so I would expect that the coach who draws up the plays would witness these same glaring errors as you have and make sure to let Davis know about them.
    It's about money


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      Philwill you hit a sore point with me I love Jack Armstrong , I hate Leo the mouth who is always right, always correcting, always nagging, like a woman, they should do this they, should do that, the mouth is so negative..
      I think I will turn off the sound from
      now on when he is the so called color man.

      Now Jack is funny, happy, colorful,enjoyable,and knows basketball.

      I want to start a poll who do you want Jack or Leo ???


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        Neither. Jack's got a horrible voice for announcing and Leo's a pretty boy who has effectively run the National Team into the ground.
        It's about money


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          Am I the only one who thinks Jack is wasted by the end of every game?


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            How could we not think that way when his partner is constantly leading us to believe that.
            It's about money