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A Psychic's Prediction for the Raptors in 2011

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  • A Psychic's Prediction for the Raptors in 2011

    A Toronto area clairvoyant looked into her crystal ball and this is what she foresees for the Raptors in 2011:

    Reporter: What do you see for the Raptors?

    Psychic: “Who’s getting arrested?”

    Reporter: Whu-oh. Really?

    Psychic: “Out of all the (Toronto sports) teams, that one is a complete train wreck. That team is unmanageable right now; unmanageable in whatever they’re doing in their spare time. I feel you’re going to be hearing a whole lot of drama coming out, weird stuff.”

    There you are. A real bonafide psychic says that the Raptors will be a dramafied train wreck. If anyone will be arrested, I'd have to go with Sonny Weems. The fact that he is sucking and will probably be benched when he comes back might make him unhappy. Weems might then pull a Charlie Sheen, get all coked up and drunk and trash a hotel room and smack around a hooker. Kleiza showed us in the Mavs game that he can go a bit psycho. Maybe he will pull a Sprewell and choke Triano. Amir already looks like an ex-con, so perhaps he will start to go all gangster and show us that he isn't just a poser and those tats are for real.

    What are your prediction for 2011? Will there be any drama?
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    I don't think psychics are omniscent like God. I think they have a higher level of intuition than most people and they are operating on a level beyond nature as we know it.


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          This is article is fun but nothing else. For the sake of it I have some cards my girl gave me. I don't believe in any of this crap but this is what I got for the coming year.

          1/ The Raps get close to the playoffs but an important player to our run gets either a freak injury or arrested (something about travelling).
          2/ They draft a player who will become our "star" and lead us to win a championship.
          3/ Before the trade deadline we will make a trade with the Celtics. Both teams benefit.

          If you think any of this will happen -- epic fail, but that's what the cards say. Someone note it.

          You don't need to be clairvoyant to guess sports, just a husband and that whole Raps being criminals thing smells. Really? The Wings win the title? Wow -- earth shattering guess. For the hell of it I'm saying the Bruins do.

          Alex Boby are you serious? That's a joke I just don't get right? The whole article is jokes. The thing that gets me is that it is in the Star instead of a gossip magazine, otherwise I wouldn't be so grumpy about it. Something about journalist integrity always gets me riled up...Whatever.