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    Nice post.
    Eh follow my TWITTER!


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      freaking awesome read. was smiling the whole time and i have no idea why...little posts like this make me happy.


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        RaptorDan wrote: View Post
        My first reaction from reading your post is that is more about marketing your website and your ticket reselling business. I did enjoy your insight from being close to the bench, but for me it was tainted by your blatant advert. Could you tone it down next time?

        Ruuu, I wish that too sometimes. For the Miami game I wish that they will not play that stupid non-stop music through every second of the entire game. It would be nice for that game at least, let the crowd make the noise. I would also like for just one game, to not have 25 different camera angles with random switching and panning. I would like a single mid court camera panning left and right just as if you were at the game with no commentary and just crowd noise. That would be awesome. I wouldn't mind some replays in breaks in play though.
        Well just back on sound aspect: I would seriously like to ask a TV guy why this has never been attempted

        I can imagine like in the 60's, 70's etc it would be unheard of because there was no swearing on TV

        But now you got channels like HBO. And there's a million channels you can get access to.

        It would technically be no problem to just have one feed on a separate channel (viewer discretion is advised) with just courtnoise instead of the commentators. Call it "Sportsnet Hardcore to the Max"

        Its really perplexing me now....

        1) all of us would watch it
        2) its technically simple
        3) its not sooo out there to the point of being crazy. Like I said there's a lot worse channels out there now. And families/kids sit courside all the time its not like people dont hear the players swearing.

        MSLE I know you monitor these boards........BROADCAST AT LEAST ONE GAME WITH ALL OF THE COURTNOISE!!!!!!!


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          That was an awesome thread. My wife and I are always laughing when we see the super fan in the back ground during games...especially when its the opposing team taking foul shots and he has his handkerchief handy.

          Can't wait for your thread after the Miami game.


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            I've always thought the same, that one day they would broadcast a game with just court sounds so we can get right into the game. But I dont think this would happen unless its shown later on after the networks get a chance to edit it and the team signs off on the final network edit. I know trash talk happens but I dont think the team would want the public to hear every single thing thats said, it could hurt player images or even team promotions. Like what if every other word from Demar mouth was m**theffer or similar, I dont think thats something the team would want the general public to hear, and some parents would think twice before buying their kid that jersey. Maybe they could do a production similar to NFL films and play the game at a later date with all the 'really bad' sounds edited or bleeped out. I remember hearing Oliver Miller on network tv telling Bill Wennington " i'll knock u out white boy " back in the old days.