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    Apollo wrote: View Post
    His greatest strengths (defense, rebounding, athleticism and court vision) don't require a strong supporting cast. No doubt those stars make his life a lot easier but we're not talking Jason Kapono in his Heat days or anything. The only hole in Rondo's game is his long range shooting and he doesn't need that because his goals don't seem to involve being a prolific scorer and he doesn't need to shoot the ball to dominate a game. The way he plays is rare. There is no one in the league like him and I think most teams would sell the farm to get him
    And I'd be one of them. I'm a big fan. In my opinion he is the best PG in the league. Hands down. No contest.


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      RikkJames wrote: View Post
      1. The Hoffa draft always stands out in my mind when I think of past failures, we were still a pretty decent team then and the right pick might have made a huge difference.
      2. Not trading Bosh last year, although he did BS us into thinking there was a chance, but since BC said he heard rumblings at the break, he shouldve made a move.
      3. Alex Radojevic.
      We were the 5th team going into the allstar break and were arguably the hottest. There is absolutely no way you trade away your star season with the season we were having at that point. Either way there would be people like you bitching about why he was traded opposed to why he wan't trade now.

      It's always much easily to say things in hindsight.