I was talking to some friends lastnight about the dunk comp and why Derozan wasnt in it and how last year sucked and was pretty much just given to Nate Robinson even though Demar was better IMO.

Just wanted to get some opinions on something even though its not directly raptors related.

They should get some real judges make a scoring card alot more accurate to the dunk and not just some random 10 point rating system, instead judge every dunk out of ten based on certain categories, such as:
distance from basket
does he travel

this would make the dunk comp relevant and we could atleast see a point sytem that says ok so and so is definetly the better dunker.

Vince's 360 winmill is an example of a perfect dunk.
He practicly flew, was perfect in execution, slammed it with power, fast windmill and spin(that dunk was preformed to a T.) take a look ...