Out of people who have taken at least 100 attempts on the year, Bargnani(36.2% three point efficiency) doesn't even rank in the top 60 for three point percentage. Kevin Love(43.7% three point efficiency) and Matt Bonner(49.5% three point efficiency) are light years ahead of him.

To Andrea's credit however he has been begun walking away from the three point shot steadily as his offense in other areas has been improving:

Percent Volume of Three Point Shots
Season 1: 42.9% of field goal attempts
Season 2: 36.0% of field goal attempts
Season 3: 30.4% of field goal attempts
Season 4: 28.4% of field goal attempts
Season 5: 19.6% of field goal attempts

Just as a reference, in Dirk Nowitzki's fifth season 22% of his shot attempts were from beyond the arc.

The point of this is that we need to start looking at Bargnani's offense differently. He's no longer a three point chucker. His offense has become far more sophisticated and I think as time goes on the three point shot will become nothing more than a tool to keep defenses honest.