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    The last 20 seconds of the game made me a very unhappy fan. Unexpected by Jose, it's two games in a row where he has made un-Jose like turnovers and mistakes. And DD shouldn't have played all those minutes. But solid effort by the team. Would have liked a W though.


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      I am done with David Stern's corporate league. Drafts are all fixed. Refs net on and determine games. I need a break. Raps won that game and the refs took it away. The respect thing is crap. League does not even respect it's basic rules. It deserves stars that are classy like LeBron.


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        Forget pick n rolls. On that play, the ball should have been given to Barbosa to let him iso on any defender chosen by Atlanta. Everyone else just clear out.

        Funny thing is I feel like DeRozan was frozen out of the game because Jay was giving the ball to Barbosa on so many possessions. Andrea was frozen out, too, but got back into it just at the end. Anyways, why would Jay ride Barbosa so much, then try to get funny on an important play by freezing out Barbosa?!?!


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          tbihis wrote: View Post
          sorry man but have to disagree on the illegal screen. amir stood his ground. it was replayed from both angles and it was very clear that amir had both his feet planted.
          They weren't planted at all man. I hated the call too, but I saw even before the whistle blew. You can see him shuffling his feet forward as he's got Bibby pinned. Was a shitty call, and one that doesn't get called most times throughout a game, but it was the right call.


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            p3t3ypablo wrote: View Post
            It's this kind of overall effort that really makes me believe that this team is actually underacheiving and can still put some small runs together to make it to the playoffs.
            Their schedule gets much softer through February, so maybe you'll get your wish. One thing to remember about this game is Atlanta's low FG%. Do you think that's because the Raptors were contesting so well, or because the Hawks were having a bad shooting night. I'd guess the latter, though I wasn't able to see this game.

            And, I agree with so many of you in saying it really sucks and bodes poorly for the league when the refs get involved in deciding the outcome by making calls on questionable offenses. Nobody likes to see games decided that way. In the last 3 minutes, if it's not a clear foul, don't blow the whistle! Hunches shouldn't count, not at this stage of a close game.

            However, when it is clear, make the frickin' call. Either Jose took a dive or Horford fouled him. Horford was totally in motion and Jose's center of gravity took a massive shift, so I'd say it was a foul. But yeah, JT designed a ridiculously bad play and tried to explain himself in ridiculous fashion. I wish he was replaced. He's not a "franchise" coach, so forget about finding a "franchise" player. Let's try Alex English.


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              All game long the ref's made bad calls against the Raptor's. It makes it very difficult when the Raptor's have to play against Atlanta and the ref's as well. Atlanta had 31 foul shots compared to the Raptor's 12. This is not the only game that has gone this way but this is the worst by far of how bad the officiating is getting!!!A foul is a foul and it is called wether it is Toronto or Atlanta and this it seems is not the case! The ref's are not giving Toronto any respect and when this happens all the calls go one way and that is against Toronto.It was brutal at last nights game. In crunch time we were called on an offensive foul late in game against Crawford; it was the best flop in the world by Crawford and the ref's called it against Raptor's. The ref's ruined a great game by the Raptor's. Lets face it they don't have the talent that Atlanta has but they out played them . They shot 54% and held Atlanta to around 43% but the difference in the game was Atlanta 31 foul shots to Raptor's 12. Atlanta did not beat the Raptor's the ref's did!