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Clips Cool Heatles Will Be At the ACC on Feb 13th - You Don't Want To Miss It

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  • Clips Cool Heatles Will Be At the ACC on Feb 13th - You Don't Want To Miss It

    LOS ANGELES (AP)—Energized by the prospect of taking on the Big Three, the Los Angeles Clippers came out attacking and never let up.

    Blake Griffin(notes) had 24 points and 14 rebounds for his 30th double-double, and the Clippers surprised Miami 111-105 Wednesday night, ending the Heat’s 13-game road winning streak

    the "Heatles" - as LeBron James referred to his teammates earlier this week

    It will be interesting to see if Kaman will be playing by then.

    Expect Blake to guard Bargnani.

    EJ vs DeRozan should be an interesting matchup.

    VDN has them playing solid defense and it is only going to get better.

    Should be one of the more entertaining games on the Raptors remaining home schedule.

    Kaman might be available though I would not suggest that BC trade for him.

    Possible matchups

    Bargnani vs Blake - Doubt that Bargnani can slow Blake down.
    Johnson vs Jordan - Amir is no match for Jordan in the paint
    Kleiza vs Gomes - Gomes is proving to be a pretty darn good defender. He has the size to defend Kleiza
    EJ vs DeRozan - No way DeRozan can stop him
    BD - Calderon - Raptors may win this battle though I wouldn't bet on it.

    Edge to Clips

    Bargnani and DeRozan will have to put up at least a combined 50 for the Raptors to have a chance.
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    Thing is, the Clippers win matchups like that with many teams, yet they still lose. I think the Raps will take this one, and I also think Bargnani will have a great game.
    He seems really motivated to bounce back from the loss against the Hawks. In an Italian interview he was frustrated with the loss, and really seemed down.
    Anyways, this is in a months time. Maybe by then the Clippers will be nearing .500, they have the talent to reach it.


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      By EJ you mean Eric Gordon I assume?


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        Hey buddahfan where is your Amir is Better than Bargnani post today???


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          Raps 120, Clippers 96. Free Pizza Pizza!


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            I'd like to see this game too. Your bigs match-ups should be reversed though.