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Bargnani/Nowitzki Comparison (Sam Mitchell Quotes In Post #21)

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  • Bargnani/Nowitzki Comparison (Sam Mitchell Quotes In Post #21)

    So I was just looking at some stats and please dont attack me for this posting.

    Bargnani's Decembers stats look good, Dirk good.... If you dont see where this is going by now, Im trying to say that Bargs has continued to improove his game and is looking more like "Dirk Jr." with each game.

    Here is Barg's stats average for December:
    rebounds-6.0, Assists- 2.2, Block- 1.6, Points-24.2 in 37.2 mins

    Here is Dirk's average for the season:
    rebounds-7.5, Assists-2.4, Block-.79 Points-24.1 in 35.4 mins

    Now i know Dirk is playing less minutes, shooting a higher fg%, and has more rebounds then Bargnani but not by much. And as always Bargs is continuing to improve. Keep in mind, its his first time being the 1st scoring option and getting alot more double teams. At this point Dirk is a better all around player but it is still early in the year and I expect Bargs to continue improoving throughout the season. IMO Bargs is Dirk Jr. at this point but by the end of the season I expect these numbers to be even more similar. He may never stop being Dirk Jr. but even that is pretty damn good! IMO
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