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  • Fans at the games!

    I am always excited about going to the games live! I love it.
    What disappoints me alot of the time is the fans who actually attend the games. Of the four games I have been to (two sundays, two fridays), there has been so much negative energy it has sucked the energy right out of me.

    This is translated to the court. I have noticed that when the energy is high the players respond. Our players need positive energy, they are young and respond to that. If the people watching you show indifference, they will get used to it. They will never learn to close out games, and deal with the noise etc when it counts.

    Basically if the fans stop coming and caring the players will too! I feel its an osmosis thing.

    Last night --- A FRIDAY night in Toronto, regardless who they are playing. The place should have been at least 3/4 full. It should have gotten loud when they were coming back. My section should have cheered (we were close enough that we would have made a difference).

    It makes me laugh when I see the suits in the platinum seats (because they were forced to buy them with their leafs ticket subscription). To hear them talk about basketball, is hilarious. Half of them don't even know the actual rules! These guys need a BIG SUPERSTAR and a 60 win season to get excited.

    The contests are lame ---$5000 for a half court shot. The food is horrible. I am actually going to write a letter to the Exec. Chef at the ACC. I got food poisoning from a chili dogs at the Celtics game. They are trying way too hard to be gourmet. Did you know you can actually get a slice of prime rib delivered to your seat. Who the hell is going to be able to eat prime rib in one of those seats! F'n ridiculous. If this is what our fans want.......That says it all.

    Why do we have to boo ex-Raptors. Last night we made more noise for T-Mac then anyone else. Have we not learned that the players don't care. T-Mac has even responded, letting Toronto know it is really lame and that it doesn't bother him. So why? Maybe it works in High School or in your office pick-up game. But not really in the NBA. I think maybe we should look at the stats on booing and its effect on production. After that we will want to stay really quiet for BOSH.

    The fans close to the action must get on the REF's. I'd love to see that guy that had the nose cast on do something. He looks like an excellent candidate.

    I'm court side in two weeks, should be interesting. I don't know the ref's name, but number 70 watch out, if your at this one! Trust me the players will hear me!

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    the 300s are where you should sit if you want to be amongst enthusiastic positive fans

    poor people appreciate things more