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  • Meanwhile, in Brazil

    Hoffa rippin' down rims, lol

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    I think that's just a testament to how fat he's got.
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      On-topic: Does anyone know how much he weighs?

      Off-topic: What does this have to do with the Raptors?


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        It's Arujo, it has everything to do with the Raptors.


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          O I didn't read the article :|

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            Balls of Steel wrote: View Post
            I think that's just a testament to how fat he's got.
            I doubt that. He doesn't look fat. The guy's a gym rat. I think it has more to do with the cheap rims.


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              Good to see he's still got a career. I met him and his wife at Manulife once, they were on a shopping trip with the baby and he was MASSIVE. I walked up to him and wished him good luck and said "don't worry, Hoff we believe in you!" (he was still a rook then), and he looked so moved after what had been a really bad year for him, or at least i like to think so. Then I said some words in my pidgin Portugese and we chatted about Brazil (he was born in Sao Paulo, I told him about Rio), and then he was on his way. Really nice guy, really just unfortunate circumstances.
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                Did anyone else see how low that rim looked? Ol' Hoffa (or Baby now is it?) kinda looked like he didn't even get off the floor there, a la Yao Ming. Maybe he grew a few inches... maybe not.

                I can't believe he was drafted in '04, SEVEN years ago! That was the end of the Wince era when he was selected... Oh what we could have been with the guy selected 9th that year...