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    Tim W. wrote: View Post
    I never said people would do that, but that WOULD be the best thing to do if you really want to annoy him. Raptor fans, of course, are brainless in this respect. Continuing to boo Vince Carter MUST boost his ego, which is why he raises his game when he plays in Toronto. He's been gone for SIX YEARS. What is the point of continuing to boo him? I really, really don't understand.
    oh thats simple, really.. the point is HATRED.

    hatred manifests in booing, not in indifferent silence... regardless of the unintentional biproducts


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      miami will get the second seed and we'll have a hard enough time getting eighth, so you can scratch that.
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        Tim W. wrote: View Post
        Maybe it's me, but I don't understand the focus on Bosh and the Heat. Your focus for the entire season seems to be based on one game. What is booing Bosh going to do? Make him realize how important he was to the franchise? Make him realize how much Raptor fans were upset to see him go?

        If you want to make him feel bad, don't do ANYTHING. Don't cheer, don't boo. Make him feel like he's just another player.

        Personally, I don't care in the least about Bosh and the Heat playing at the ACC. I don't really blame Bosh for wanting to leave because they failed to surround him with even one All -Star during his 6 years in Toronto and it's pretty obvious they weren't going to be contenders anytime soon.
        We should just cheer bosh, who cares. After seeing what the cavs looked like when lebron return to cleavland, i dont want our fanchise (or country) to look that stupid. When bosh was here he was great, best PF to be a raptor. it is much different then the vince carter scenario and I dont blame bosh/lebron for leaving either. They did what they had to do make it work out ad be happy. I think they could have done it differently , for example, the Carmelo scenario but after watching that mess all season Melo is starting to look pretty douchey too. It is what it is. Just cheer the guy and move on...