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    A good read. A lot of excuses but a good read to see where the players, at least publically, heads are at.

    Good point in the link: the schedule gets very 'easy' over the next 8 games. It is make or break time for the season.

    Regarding the HEAT game, the scheduling on that was bull sh!t. I have not read any comments stating the MIA did not play since Tuesday while the Raps were on a back to back AND the last game of a 5 game road swing. Brutal.

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    A lot of excuses is true and I dont want to minimize the injuries but the article failed to make any mention of the large gorilla in the room....bad defense. I am also glad the team seems not to give up offensively. But this is chasing windmills. Giving up 120 ps aint going to cut it and neither will being the worst defensively in the league (just took over from the Suns I hear) do it either. I dont care what the team achieves W/L wise but if it doesnt play with defense on it's brain what good is that last playoff spot ...especially in the east.


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      Ah, the played a bad game against Orlando and a bad half against Miami. It happens. San Antonio lost by 24 to New Orleans, a team Toronto played well against. It's just easier for their fans to take because they're a better team.
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