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One streak continues while another ends... (MEM)

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  • One streak continues while another ends... (MEM)

    No 3 pointer - first time in 986 games.

    8 losses and counting.

    This was a tough loss. A good team effort but when the team is only playing with 8 bodies (I'm not counting Alabi) and Weems is back from injury and Gaines is back for a 2nd 10-day contract - oh dear...

    When Bayless isn't trying to do it all himself, he is good. He played a great game missing a triple double by 2 rebs. Again, forcing the issue is a concern but the talking smack in the first half to the Grizz was disheartening. Personal battles shouldn't come before the team and it looked like he was more concerned about himself early. Chalk it up to immaturity and something to prove - but whatever it was I hope he saves it for pick up ball next time.

    Barngani needs to follow through on his shots. Start of the third quarter he was pulling his arm back after release. He missed the majority of his shots then.

    DD played a great offensive game.

    Wright was the garbage man tonight. He did the dirty work. Still 3rd string in my eyes.

    Davis had 5 blks but only 2 rebs. I hope he picked up on a few things from Gasol and Randolph tonight.

    Amir had 5 fouls. As usual he played very effectively. Too bad he wasn't on the floor more.

    Weems should break out the WD-40.

    Gaines is lucky he has 9 more days to this contract.

    It would have been nice to get the win. For those looking tothe draft, NJ won. Tied for 4th overall with WSH and NJ.