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Ssh event last night ~ chat with bc

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  • Ssh event last night ~ chat with bc

    Yesterday, I attended what appeared to be a 'first year season seat holders' event at REAL SPORTS ..

    I have another pair that I've had for 4 seasons no that didn't get an invitiation to this event but the pair I bought at the end of last year did. This leads me to believe that there will, in all likelihood, be another event for those that have been with MLSE/RAPTORS longer.

    Anyhow, as per usual I try to MAXIMIZE my time with BC and any of the BRASS when I can. Richard Peddie was in the house but honestly I feel it's no use talking to the guy. He DOESN'T REALLY know sports enough to carry a conversation that'll merit some sort of 'basketball' insight.

    Anyhow, no one special really..

    ~ spoke to a few reps there who are all on the same page of understanding the team needs time and wish something would give soon...
    ~ Klezia came for literally 5 minutes and autographs or pictures... odd

    ~ in walks BC, and my moment to get some q's answered

    ~ After watching hopeless and annoying ppl rushing him and taking pictures and 'thanking him???' i decide to slip my way in

    ~ Qs... What's up with the PEJA deal? he's an UFA at the end of the year, I'dve thought you'd definitely pull a 1st (or 2nd at worst case) rounder and a 'rent-a-player outta that mix.. maybe a BIG?
    ~ BC...we tried. I had some deep conversations with GM's around the league about acquiring Peja and what we'd potentially get in return. Reality is there are about 15-20 players that have large (7-15 mill) expiring contracts. The GMS are all doing/thinking the same thing... how do I unload this contract into a useful (expiring) one and or picks or talent...
    ~ says he had trades lined up and wanted to pull them right then and there; GM's were'nt ready
    ~ told them he wants it now and not later (trade deadline)
    ~ Asked them, IF TODAY was the deadline, would you pull the trade(s)? All said no.. and that was that
    ~ VERY happy with the move as Ajinca is/was a 20th overall pick; liked his game but didn't get to draft him
    ~ got his 2nd rounder back; feels as if he got a 1st (Ajinca) and a 2nd for Peja .. happy with it
    ~ Says the decision came when he had a guy who was pretty much ready to play just taking up 'air' in the training facilites
    ~ didn't want the other players to see that and ultimately knew he had to move him
    ~ wants to keep the youth development going and Peja, obv wasn't going to be a part of that
    ~ Ajinca will be in town tomorrow/today and ready to practice for Wednesdays game

    ~Q If it was all in your control, would you prefer the team tanks and gets a solid draft pick, or make the playoffs?
    ~ BC ... I'd never ever tell my guys to lose games on purpose or 'dont worry about winning'.
    ~ our guys are young and energetic and we have a good core that we can add pieces too
    ~ with the east being what it is, anything can happen and we continue to tell our guys that ... hard work could merit reward
    ~ Ed Davis is a SOLID player and will be
    ~ Raved about how well Amir Johsons playing (* he's good, but i still think BC overpaid)
    ~ Loves Demar and his growth and future
    ~ says it's VERY HARD to gauge what they have with all the injuries; says he's never seen something like this happen
    ~ Barbosa about 1 week away from returning
    ~ Reggie 1-2 weeks
    ~ Kleiza day to day
    ~ Told me Jose wasn't going to play
    ~ said he literally had to call Sundiata Gaines today and tell him not to leave the city as they need him
    ~ Said he's signed a D-league guy, forgot his name and may need to cut Gaines' 10 day short bc of it

    ~ Q ...Toughness, we obviously LACK it. How is toughness built? By Coaches or Players?
    ~ BC... It comes from the guys that you have as a unit.
    ~ last year, we got toughness and it broke his foot
    ~ This year, my guy is leading the league in rebounds and things are looking good and he goes down again
    ~ Wishes Reggie would've been around last year bc he brings character ON the court, OFF the court, and CHALLENGES Guys.. this year, even tho he's hurt he's still in guys faces and getting guys to work
    ~ says he has a bit of a situation as the TPE and Reggie's contract are good 'pieces' that are out there

    ~ Q ... WHAT about MONEY WEEMS? He's a free agent this year... do you keep him and go with the potential that you know of? or, with 2 1st rounders do you try to get even younger via the draft
    ~ BC ... Sonny's a RFA so right there, we're in a good situation. I'm not allowed to comment on this but b/c of the pending CBA, who knows what'll happen and what the going rate for Sonny's services will be
    ~ We've also got a hard working young man in Julian Wright who's turning some heads
    ~ * He didn't seem so impressed by Sonny, mentioning that we'll look at what he's getting and if we think he's worth that much. Also said, Sonny's got to stop looking to score all the time, he's built that mentality.

    That's all I can remember for now, nothing too special but good insight nontheless...

    ...till next time..

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    Thanks, man. Nice post.


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      Thanks for the insight! I am glad to see he is not committed to Sonny, I am not sold on that guy, I feel players like him are available from the D-league or as un-drafted players every year.

      I am also glad that he feels it will be a hard decision to ship Reggie out when the time comes, he is a vet who gets through to the younger guys.
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        Like the write up thanks. At least looks like BC is sticking with the plan.


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          That's good information. Sounds like he really values Reggie Evans as a player but may feel others' value him more as an asset.

          Glad to hear the praise for Julian Wright. I hope he sticks.

          Won't be sad to see Sonny go. His best bet is to land on a very good team(strong system) in need of a 2nd string SG. He tries to play above his game in Toronto, probably due to the contract year, and it's not helping the team.


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            I was a huge Sonny fan right up until he started trying to get his and ended up making stupid decision after stupid decision. The Sonny last season is the guy I want, not this one. This one is only looking to score, like BC says. If only Demar could play D...

            I'm big on Reggie. I'm glad BC is too. Hopefully we can get him back for a lot less to mentor and set an example for Amir and Ed, as well as demand honest effort from the whole team night in and night out.

            I really believe BC needs a trade. Whether for a draft pick or a star, a trade's the only way he's gonna be getting talent. All the cap space in the world wouldn't help Toronto right now when nobody worth a damn wants to come here to play. Unless of course, you can get 2 of them to come here together...but what are the chances of that?


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              Oh my god (whispers), this post has the same feel as when I was three and was having a secret conversation with my brother in our broom closet about aliens!

              Ok, all jokes aside, thanks for the post. I believe BC and the rest of the league are on a holding pattern when it comes to their expirings. The Peja situation is a wash for me but is probably the most useful player out there (Dallas will soon find out). Too bad, you didn't ask about Bargs and his regressing defensive game (OK, OK, I'll stop, sorry, had to put that in there).

              Ajinca remains to be seen. I'm scared because both Charlotte and Dallas wanted to get rid of him badly like a Parisian hooker that no one wants to sleep with. We'll see. Perhaps Solo is D-League bound once again for the rest of the season.

              My favourite line of this post:

              "Said he's signed a D-league guy, forgot his name and may need to cut Gaines' 10 day short bc of it"

              (Whispers) His name is Trey Johnson. They call him Trey because apparently, he can sing, dance and act.

              PS> For the people thanking BC, why? The team is 13-31 (whispers).
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                Thanks for the post and sharing.

                But was that "sssh" sarcasm or something mlse used/hinted to characterize the gathering? If so, what a bunch of smelly hooey. Do they actually believe they can have a few hundred fans out for a tete a tete and a posting like this not to happen? The hubris or attempt at exclusivity is nauseating.

                To echo a post above I would have loved to have heard a response on the abysmal defense of the team (the injury excuse not permitted!).


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                  I've been a SSH since 2006 and I didn't get any invites!
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                  Harvey - "I do, for a dollar"


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                    We throw waffles at the Leafs, what would we throw at the Raps?
                    Entourage: Harvey - "E (BC) was right, there's genius in this (Bargnani)"
                    Ari - "You wanna buy it?"
                    Harvey - "I do, for a dollar"


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                      ahoang wrote: View Post
                      We throw waffles at the Leafs, what would we throw at the Raps?
                      slices of kraft cheese?


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                        heinz57 wrote: View Post
                        slices of kraft cheese?
                        I think you mean Swiss cheese, cuz the defence stinks and has holes in it.


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                          Throw ping pong balls