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Feelings About The Playoffs And Tanking

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  • /nuff said.


    • Apollo wrote: View Post
      I just cleaned up the last two pages. Seems like I've been giving out a lot of written warnings about personal attacks and abusive comments lately. The warnings aren't working so I'm going to say one more thing, please show some respect to each other or I'll be forced to take it up a notch... Thank you.
      Shouldn't you be busy with Superbowl mental preparedness for the rest of the days leading up to the the big game? Haha shame on other RR members for making you do work on this site during such an emotional and exciting time for you - but seriously though thanks for cleaning it up; it's nice to see Raptor discussions and not Jerry Springer monologues on these forums - remember guys, RR is a forum for fans of the Raptors - we should be as united as a fan base can be, regardless of our disagreements - when the raps win, we cheer, when they lose, we get pissed off and throw the remote at the tv/beer at the refs - i'm all for debate between fans, but save the verbal attacks for c*****s fans lol

      go packers!
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      Your ex came by; you can call me Jonas Valanciunas, cause I'm the king of rebounds!