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This guy is a True Winner (Funny video after the Rudy Gay game winner)

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  • This guy is a True Winner (Funny video after the Rudy Gay game winner)
    My hero

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    thats exactly how i felt watchin that happen.
    Also greatest quote ever-"Fuckin Rudy Gay,man."


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      LOL! XD


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        hahahahah "Nooooo, not him!"
        I was screaming the same thing at my TV.


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          hahaha great vid- let's be honest, i'm pretty sure if any of us were at that game, sitting in that seat, 90% of us would have all have said the exact same things this guy was saying - i usually try to refrain from swearing at games, especially when there's kids around, but if it's a situation like this, i don't give a f**** who's in attendance, i'm droppin f bombs and shouting at the top of my lungs in every direction - i actually also refrain from watching raptor games at bars, as that's almost just as bad with the f bombs and yelling -

          plus, watching basketball in some areas of Canada at a bar is the equivalent of sitting in a room full of Spanish people watching a Russian documentary on ice fishing - nobody knows what's going on and nobody really cares

          everybody's so busy with hockey sticks shoved up their a**h*les that nobody really gives a s**t about basketball

          sorry for all the vulgar language, but this losing streak has really got me on the edge, and seeing that video again just brought back bad memories about this whole month of losing
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          Your ex came by; you can call me Jonas Valanciunas, cause I'm the king of rebounds!


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            "NOOOOOOOO!!! Its Rudy Gay!" I love how he seems SO suprised that was even there, let alone get the ball at the end of the game. Made me laugh. Great vid.