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Barganani benched - MIL Post-Game

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  • Barganani benched - MIL Post-Game

    Tough loss. They played. They played hard. They played brilliant at times. They played stunned at times. They lost. Sound familiar?

    I wonder if JT is reading the RR forums. Or does having another C on the roster allow you to send a message to Bargnani - who unfortunately didn't get it. Even Jack was going on about playing both sides of the ball. OT, Bogut abused Bargs. I'm far from a Bargnani hater but at the same time - come on!

    DD rough night at the office. He plays and doesn't quit. One has to respect that. Given the progress he has made playing O this year, I think he'll get it on D at some point - it may be not this year but it will come. He has a willingness to learn and is clearly a hard worker. Maybe I'm sipping some Kool-Aid but he has really grown on me (sorry about the thread questioning you in November, DeMar).

    Amir played very well. One thing I noticed though was he played awful on the pick and roll - no hedge, no switch, just hang back and give easy looks for the guard with the ball or watch Ilyasova hit jumper after jumper. Oh well. In reality he was the best Raptor tonight. After watching plays like those, and Raptors in general make elementary mistakes on defense, I would question the teaching strategies of the coaches or the listening and learning skills of the players. *EDIT* Not enough credit given to Amir. He played a great offensive game. Outside of the screen issue he was solid. Great game.

    Calderon played big minutes again - 41. Given the fact Bayless generally performs when given minutes, I think he is being shopped - just my opinion.

    Ajinca had a good showing in the 1st half, dreadful second. A lot of jumpers for a 7'2" guy. But there is nothing to lose and everything to gain with him.

    One more ball for the lottery...
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