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So which one should go, Jay or Mago?

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  • So which one should go, Jay or Mago?

    Let me preface this by saying I'm not a Jay basher. I think he's a decent enough coach. But when your best player (or, at least, the person who's SUPPOSED to be your best player) either can't or isn't willing to play anything but the most rudimentary on-the-ball defence, then one of two things has to happen: a) you figure the current coach has had his chance to get this guy to play dee and has failed, so you ship out the coach, betting that another coach will be able to turn Bargnani into a serviceable defender and henc something approaching a complete player and a keeper; or b) you figure that the player is hopeless, and seek to ship him out. In the latter case, you do it QUICK, because his trade value will plummet very fast, especially if you start benching him due to exasperation.
    So, what'll it be?