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What could we even get for Bargnani?

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  • What could we even get for Bargnani?

    There is all this talk of trading Dre, but I have yet to see a discussion of what we could actually get in return. At this point I can't really fathom a team who would want him bad enough to offer us anything of value for him. What sensible GM would actually want this guy?

    (But honestly, I would take anything to get him off the team. I can't imagine a worse player to have when developing young talent. He is not only the antithesis of a good center and demands that every other player be largely excluded from the offense, but he is also a horrible role model for young players in that he has zero heart. We should be taking full advantage of this season to develop DeMar, Ed, Amir and Jerryd, but Andrea is literally the best hinderance this league has to offer to said development.)