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Bulls Have Inquired About DeRozan's Availability

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    JoePanini wrote: View Post
    Wow, dude. It was a joke.
    Sorry. I guess some of the posts I read here and on Doug Smith's blog are so looney-tunes that I've lost my ability to see when someone's serious or not!


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      Arsenalist wrote: View Post
      BC: Hello

      Forman: Hi, it's Gar Forman.

      BC: I just had my windows done, sorry, not interested.

      Forman: No, no. It's Gar Forman, the Bulls GM.

      BC: OK, what can I do for you?

      Forman: I'm interested in DeRozan.

      BC: I will take nothing less than Omer Asik.

      Forman: Done!

      BC: (feeling he didn't negotiate enough) No, no. I also want Brian Scalabrine.

      Forman: Done!
      Don't hate on Asik. He posterized Bargs in their last game!
      “The saving of our world from pending doom will come, not through the complacent adjustment of the conforming majority, but through the creative maladjustment of a nonconforming minority.” - Martin Luther King


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        depends for who
        ya dun noe


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          As a Raptor's fan I feel so honored that they would consider one of our players. And that our 2nd best player (offensively) would be their 4th option.
          Eh follow my TWITTER!


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            How exciting it would be for DD to go to that team, play along side an ALL-STAR PG and a defensive minded coach and be challenged everyday of the practise and take his game to new level.

            It will be a hard work and he probably will not be ableto goof off and have this relax atitiude and ... but I guess he is stuck with us after all.


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              if they give us D rose i'd do it. If not i'd tell them to fuck off(sorry for the foul language).

              Forman: Hey Brian im interested in Derozen

              BC: If you give me D rose i'll do it

              Forman: Your Kidding Right?

              BC: .... No

              Forman: He's our all Star PG we would never trade him

              BC: Then fuck off
              (Hangs up)


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                Krix wrote: View Post
                When the right proposal is on the table, I think anyone is trade-able. According to BC, he gets many proposals for Andrea, and imo, Andrea was the least likely player to be traded. Besides the Bulls might be as half ass confused as we were by BC's terminology "retooling" and figured they might be able to pry Derozan.
                I agree, especially for a rebuilding team. If it is true there are teams inquiring about Bargs, Demar etc.. they can/should be had for the right price.