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Kleiza Out For 9-12 Months

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    He says it happened in the preseason. Probably a reason why he was the best Raptor in preseason, played decently in the beginning, and then had mediocre performances.

    Microfracture is the worst surgery for basketball players. Goal would be to maintain current form (summer Kleiza) but realistically will be less athletic. But prob not as unathletic as during the regular season considering he was playing hurt the whole time.


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      It's surprising how many people think we should have taken Beasley. I'm really happy we didn't, if he was that good, why only Minnesota offered a trade? He is a good offensive player, he is like a Bargnani who plays the 3. We don't need another one dimensional player.

      Also, I hope Kleiza has a good recovery, he can be a very good player when healthy and motivated.

      And this can only mean, more minutes for Wright, Johnson and Davis. Which is good.