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Was The Botched Moves Over The Offseason, The Tale Of The Tape?

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    matt wrote: View Post
    I don't know what was BC thinking when he signed Kleiza, we didn't need any offense, so what was the point to bring him here.
    Fully agree. But at the same time Kleiza was a Top 3 Performer at the Worlds this summer and if we didn't sign him, then someone else would have. I would have been FINE with someone else signing him, but you can't blame the guy. Kleiza opened alot of eyes this summer.


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      And I would just like commend everyone for not jumping onto this 'Negative Angle' which has been blatantly attempted here.
      Raptors fans are in fact quite reasonable and intelligent, and understand the situation at hand. Unfortunately there are those who do not.
      We call them Fair Weather. Only show up when the Sun is shining.

      As a Basketball team we are just not very good. Plain and simple. But as in most Business' or Stock Markets; one must make an initial sacrifice, or investment, in order to see future returns. We have finally realized this to be our reality. Thank God.


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        joey_hesketh wrote: View Post
        See thats what I don't understand. It wasn't that we couldn't sign him. Its that Orlando couldn't sign-and-trade him. It had nothing to do with us and everything to do with Orlando screwing up. So again I don't really understand how this makes us look all that bad.
        The Chandler was looking to be a GREAT deal for BC, until MJ decided he'd rather save money than be competitive. Thats all that was.
        Bosh was leaving no matter what. I don't think we've ever been referred to as a 'joke', though we get bashed in the media, its most based on ignorant assumptions. If the Raps were healthy all year we'd be up there with Charlotte for sure.
        So whatever, I guess I'm in the minority as seeing this season as not nessesarily a 'negative' season, but more a nessesary building block.
        i see it as a building block for sure. but, not a necessary one, i mean had we signed barnes got diaw and chandler. we still had jack who is perfectly capable of starting.


        that's playoff contention to me that could be a fifth or sixth seed, maybe quarter/mid season we could have picked up nash for diaw, a pick or two and maybe a prospect in there.

        i mean what's done is done and i get what your saying but, i'm just thinking had we have got those guys...

        btw, colangelo didn't think barnes was going to leave orlando, so he pursued kleiza, signed him, then realized barnes was basically on the way out, and realized he couldn't sign him for the amount of money he was looking for, so then looked to orlando with out realizing they couldn't sign him either.

        I don't know he seems smarter thna that to me.

        and rumour has it that m.j. was just covering his players asses because info leaked that suggested that chandler didn't want to come here and that he made up that story about calderon.

        then again the media was saying calderon will drive larry brown nuts with his disability to play d, but larry brown is currently without a job anyways.

        it just seemed to me alot was shielded from the public eye with those trades.
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          In hindsite the raps could have handled many things differently. but get over it

          chandler is playing so well because he has kidd setting him up, and guys like dirk and terry getting defenders out of the post.

          Barnes' would also have little to no impact, he is basically a more polished julian wright.


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            At least we're not the Cavaliers
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              Its nice not actually stressing about whether the team wins or loses, or watching with horror as the playoffs slip through our fingers. Would I rather the raps be a winning team? Of course I would. But after a few seasons of high expectations, followed by disappointment, having no real expectations except player development is a nice change.

              I would say that Im not frustrated or anything of the sort... if anything, I'm relieved.


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                We can't make a stinking shot!!! We aren't losing games because of bad defense, we're losing because there are too many missed shots!!!!!