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Is Chris Bosh Underappreciated by Toronto Fans?

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  • Is Chris Bosh Underappreciated by Toronto Fans?

    I'd say in years past Bosh was extremely underappreciated by the fans, but this year I've noticed alot of the "naysayers" come around to acknowledge the vast improvements Chris has made.

    I just think the fans that don't appreciated Bosh undervalue him immensely.

    The losing, though, is the primary thing that keeps Bosh from universal love, and anybody who blames him for that is not watching closely enough. The Raptors have won just 43.7% of their regular-season games during Bosh's tenure with the team and zero playoff series. That falls on the players, the coaches and the builders that have surrounded Bosh.

    Bosh has been criticized as a poor late-game scorer, but how many power forwards are asked to carry the crunch-time scoring load? He is not a shutdown defender, but he has never played with a top-tier defender at point guard or a shot-blocking centre. (Remember how good he looked defensively at the 2008 Olympics.)

    He is not flawless, but a team that accentuates his skills has never surrounded him. If it had, he would have been beloved. Before the vitriol kicked in, Vince Carter was adored in this city and beyond, and his team won just a single playoff series.

    "I don't feel underappreciated," Bosh said yesterday as his team prepared to play Charlotte tonight. "To be honest, I don't really care about attention anymore. Yeah, I was chasing it for a while. But it doesn't matter to me anymore. You put up your numbers. It's just all about winning at [some] point."

    It is the right approach to take, as appreciation is not tangible. (He is, though, likely a tad underappreciated. Even his greatest detractors would place Bosh in the group of the 20 best players in the league today, no worse than second best in franchise history.)
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    i really think so.. the guy is probably having his best season yet .. still no love for cb4
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      It's hard to get overly attached to a player who will not commit to staying with the franchise.
      The best Raptors discussion board is at Raptors Republic.

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