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    I think what impresses me the most about Ed Davis is that he's got instincts around the ball that others need to work at but comes naturally for him. I'm really not that worried about his offensive game, as like Tim mentioned if he manages to average around 15-18 points in his prime, that is more than I can ask for. The reason for that is because he rebounds very well.

    Any Raptor fan who's been a fan for more than 10 years would most likely agree that a 15/10 guy is far more valuable than a 20/5 guy, especially as a big man.
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      I think people attacking Ed's offense are missing the point. The whole reason the Raptors stink is because all they've been able to do for years is score. I think it's a breath of fresh air that they're finally bringing in guys who have the ability to do the tough work on the glass and fighting in the trenches. Honestly, I could care less if Ed ever becomes of good offensive weapon. As long as he continues to develop on the glass and in the defensive game then I just don't care about the offense. He knows his role on offense. He knows his limitations on offense. He doesn't go past those boundaries and as a result he doesn't hurt the team on offense and he's highly efficient on offense. What more can you ask for? I mean, it's not like there's many shots to go around after Bargnani and DeRozan get theirs anyway.


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        Davis is the only guy I can see as an All-star. Bargnani if he can score 25 points a game, and if all Italians decide to vote for him everyday from when the ballot starts.