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    heinz57 wrote: View Post
    lebron isn't selfish and manipulative.

    he's just stupid. and looks like an unbearded Gimli from Lord of the Rings.
    Sorry my ears were burning; Lebrons UGLY you say? I disagree..


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      he's a pretty in the eyes of the dwarves


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        karim_nasir wrote: View Post
        the lesson i hope you learned is dont accuse some people of being selfish and manipulative, if you dont have the facts to back yourself up...

        hope you enjoy the rest of the season...
        Go do a google search on all his exits from DET,NYK,CHA. I'm not providing the links when the info is out there. I've said all along check his history. If you refuse to do so then I am basing my opinion on facts reported whereas yours is strictly opinion. At the end of the day it will come down to interpretation of the news articles anyways. I have no issue with difference of opinion based on facts. Seems like confusion between fact and opinion clouds a lot of discussion around here.