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76ers Need A True Point Guard. *cough...Jose... cough*

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  • 76ers Need A True Point Guard. *cough...Jose... cough*

    Hmmm .... not proposing any fantasy deals here, but could the Sixers be a possible suitor for Jose and if so who do they have that the Raptors could use?

    Legendary Princeton coach Pete Carril believes that the 76ers can have success using the Princeton-style offense.

    Carril spent time with Philadelphia coach Eddie Jordan when they were both assistants in Sacramento.

    "It's really a nice team, but what I really think what he might need is a point guard," Carril said.

    Jordan said before the season that Philadelphia didn't really need a true point guard.

    "He a great player, but I think more of a slasher, a scorer," Carril said of Lou Williams. "He can become a point guard in that system, but it's very hard. Believe it or not, I think that the guy who can do it is Allen Iverson. I don't know if he wants to do it, but he's a great passer. What he does for [Sam] Dalembert ... Take a look at the box score and when Iverson's in the game; Dalembert's in double figures. When Iverson's not in the game, his numbers go down.

    "Iverson was always a great passer. He did what he thought he had to do to [in years past] and that was shoot. Right or wrong, that's what he did and sometimes had to do. But he is a great, great passer. A point guard will work it so that a team will get a better shot than what they're getting now."
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    The salaries of the two teams don't really match up well, and the ones that do (Reggie/Kapono) can't be used because they were already traded between the two teams.

    If you somehow want to give them Jose, you'll have to take one of the bigger contracts back, most likely Sam Dalembert. If that's the case we'd unload Marcus Banks' contract, but then we'd be left with a hole at the PG position.

    The only trade I can see that almost makes sense is Jose/Banks/Wright for Dalembert/Young/Holiday - the Sixers may not do this trade because Young and Holiday are both great prospects. But at the same time they unload Dalembert's albatross contract and get a true PG that has a dead-eye shot - a must in the princeton offense. This also lets them move Mareese Speights or Elton Brand into the starting centre position, which is what Eddie Jordan seems to prefer imo. I think it's obvious why this trade is good for the Raptors though:

    PG: Jack/Holiday/D-Leage 3rd stringer
    SG: DeRozan/Belinelli
    SF: Hedo/Young
    PF: Bosh/Johnson
    C: Bargs/Dalembert/POB/Rasho

    Thaddeus Young is a great young talent and Holiday is a developing rookie. The combination of Young and Dalembert helps our defensive lineups significantly. And Young can be played at PF if we want to play small-ball. You may even have Bargs coming off the bench to play a Manu role.


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      We will never get Young and Holiday for Jose. THat is the biggest pipe dream ever
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        If the 76ers let Young go their fans should riot!
        But that's who I'd want off that team. They don't really have much to offer for Jose.
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