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Why was dunk contest on TSN2?

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    Stahmenah_Vybz wrote: View Post
    Did anyone else who don't have Tsn2 get as upset with MLSE and their crappy Tsn2 network as I did? We have one Rap in the allstars and don't get to show our support because Tsn2 is a digital channel. What gives?

    To make matters worse, not one highlight on our other sports channels. I love hockey but come on MLSE, Just get a clue!
    I think they sell the rights and then it's the station's choice what to do with the games. I think you should be mad at TSN/ESPN.


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      huskies2raps wrote: View Post
      TSN can suck a fat one - all those god damn jock anchors who have hockey sticks shoved up each others a** h*les - when will they get it, hockey sucks, period - and curling ahead of the all star saturday night.....really? VIVA THE SCORE!
      I "liked" the Score. then this year they decided they did not want to broadcast any Raptors games. Intentional decision by Greg Sansoni and company. At least we dont have to deal with Sid and Tim's innane banter during broadcasts, their schtick wore out 2 yrs ago.