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Rest of season averages predictions?

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  • Rest of season averages predictions?

    Just thought id post a thread bout what evryone thinks the Raptors players averages will be at the emd of the season, seaming as forum topics have been a little slow aha. Heres mine :

    Bargnani : PPG: 22.6. RPG : 6.4 (hopefully)
    DeRozan : PPG: 18.1 (little else i guess, 4APG , 4.5-5RPG?)
    Amir: PPG: 9.8 RPG: 10.4
    Jose: PPG : 10.2 APG : 11
    Weems : (if not gone by then, finhers crossed he is) PPG 11 . Nothing else i see changing
    Davis : PPG 7.9 RPG : 9.8

    Sorry its not too detailed and i didnt include all plYers, just did what i could off the top of my head and what i could remember from their current averages.

    PS My hopes go out to all those effected by the Christchurch earthquake in New Zealand.

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    Bargnani 24/6

    The rest I agree with.

    BTW Don't be hating on Sonny


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      Haha my bad, i just dnt have any idea bout jis stats and dot think he contributes that greatly At THIS moment